9 sayings that ruin your life

Psychologists say that not only thoughts, but also the words that we unconsciously use in everyday speech, affect our lives. If you put your head in order and forever exclude some dangerous phrases from your “dictionary”, the changes will not keep you waiting. All in your hands!

I try
to learn to always achieve at least some visible result. Otherwise, the phrase “I tried, but nothing came of it” will turn into a constant excuse.



I don’t have time.
With these words, you can justify anything: not done in time, not wanting to spend time with your family, etc. But let’s be honest, if a person really needs something, he will definitely find time for it. Understand, finally, with your desires and fears. Be honest with yourself!


It is impossible
You should never give up, otherwise you risk to live not “your” life. In the end, any peak can be conquered, the main thing is to really want.


I’m not at that age.
It’s never too late to change something in your life, take risks and dream. After all, real life is always in development and dynamics. Charles Darwin, for example, published his legendary theory of the origin of species in 50 years. The world-famous artist Henri Rousseau began painting when he was well over 40.



I feel sorry
if you constantly pity yourself, then involuntarily turn into a victim. And this, you see, does not add happiness. Another strategy is to pity others, which is often a “disservice”. Be more attentive to your feelings.

So it is necessary
“So it is necessary”, “so accepted”, “what will people say?” Are quite dangerous phrases. They, in fact, completely remove the responsibility for their decisions. Go with the flow or fight to the end? The decision is yours.


I have to
We from birth are drawn into someone’s game, sometimes without even realizing it. And no matter how hard successful coaches try to convince us that we always have a consolidated choice and do not owe anything to anyone, life proves the opposite. However, one should fight for his desires, finding compromises. And the next time you say to yourself “I must,” think about whether this will make you happy.



I don’t know.
Replace this phrase with something more positive. For example, “I will learn.” It is never too late to learn something, learn something new and interesting. Ignorance is one of the worst vices of man.

Guilty itself
To feel a constant guilt is a completely unhealthy position. Although some people are happy to pull this burden all their life, denying themselves various pleasures. The other extreme is blaming other people for their failures. Try to always adequately assess their capabilities.

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