10 Conducts of Joyful Women

Most of us think that happiness just happens to people like some magic spell bestowed by a Fairy Godmother, but that isn’t quite so. Just like you have to work on your body to become fit, figure out your ideal diet plan to feel energized, and stick to your sleeping regime to be healthy and productive throughout the day, you have to work on your happiness, too. It’s not something you can just wish upon yourself (although, that sometimes works as well). Happiness consists of different small habits that, put together, make you a better human being. What are they? Here are 10 habits of happy women you can adopt right now.



Start your day early
Rising up with the sun is the best way to get energized for the whole day and do a lot of things. Yes, you’ll have to change your habits and start going to sleep earlier (maybe, earlier than most people in your surroundings), but the reward will be astonishing. Your body will synch with the natural rhythm of the world and you’ll feel healthier and, well, happier than you’ve been in a while.



Move a lot
There are those vulnerable times when you just need to spend a whole day indoors watching some TV show on Netflix, but other than that we thrive through movement. Happy women move a lot and we don’t mean running all around the city doing some errands (although, that also counts, kind of), but rather spending some quality workout time to make your body fit. It doesn’t have to be too complicated or hardcore – do a home work-out or spend 30 minutes running in the park, but it has to be a part of your routine that you really enjoy doing.


Be thankful
Be thankful for the things both good and bad. A happy woman recognizes the potential of growth behind all the challenges that happen on her path and really appreciates all the good things that come her way. Being thankful brings you to a happier place no matter what’s going on in your life and gives you strength to move on.



It’s as simple as that. You may get up in the morning and don’t feel like smiling (or like a human being at all), but that’s exactly why you need some little extra effort to make things right. Put on your favourite music, take a few more minutes enjoying a cup of tea, or look through some funny social media feed. Whatever works for you! Once you find your smile, the whole day will become a much happier experience, we guarantee it.


Take care of yourself
Whether it’s your mind, body, or soul, everything needs to be taken care of. If you don’t love yourself, no one else will! Finding time for your favourite book, a beauty session with your girls, or a trip to the doctor is crucial to being happy. All aspects of your life demand attention, both physical and spiritual.



Find time for little things
Happy women appreciate the simple little things in their lives. Whether it’s a five-minute meditation in the morning before you start the day or a nice song that you listen to while riding a bus, it’s the little things that make our lives fuller and more vibrant.

Learn to slow down
It’s easy to get lost in the busy city life, that’s why all happy women know it’s important to slow down from time to time and remind yourself what it’s all about. Nature is the go-to place when you need to unplug and unwind. Spend weekends out camping, swimming, hiking, or simply exploring your local parks. It’s the most rejuvenating experience ever!


Be adventurous
Developing a certain rhythm of life is great, but it is just as important to leave some space for improvisation. Think out of the box, try new recipes (even with the same ingredients!), brew your coffee with some interesting spices, and find another way to get to/from your office or try new workspaces if you’re a freelancer. Diversity makes you feel alive and helps meet new amazing people.



Travelling is one of the most fun things you can do to shake up your life a little bit. All happy women know that when they’re feeling down and nothing seems to make sense anymore, the best thing to do is to go somewhere far and new. It’s the ideal remedy! You get to change the scene, meet new people, enjoy fantastic sceneries, explore nature, architecture, temples and whatever you’re into – all the while learning more about yourself and life in general. Go on a trip from time to time and you’ll never get sad!

Be with happy people
We all have our ups and downs, but you might have noticed that some people just have a negative attitude towards life. You rarely see them happy and most of the time they talk about how bad things are. Well, if you have such people around you, it’s time to break free. Not only do they draw energy from you (and everyone else who is less negative), they are also dragging you into their dark world devoid of all things good. Surround yourself with like-minded people who love life and enjoy if not all of it then at least most of it. You’ll feel much better yourself!

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