Oral sex is very pleasant and many couples enjoy it enormously when practicing it. If you usually do it with your boy, I want to tell you some things that nobody tells you and that you should know. Click on the following and come with me.

# 1 Keeping eye contact is a good idea

Surely you know that visuals drive men mad, right? So, what do you think about looking at it from time to time during the time that you are practicing oral sex? You will see that your partner will explode with pleasure immediately.

# 2 do not forget the testicles

Many women think that oral sex only includes the penis but it is not, because it is also important to take care of the testicles. Caress them gently while you take care of their penis and use your tongue in a light way so that your partner feels more pleasure.

# 3 the whole area is important

The meatus, which is the hole at the tip of the penis, is very sensitive. You can try sticking the tip of your tongue in that place while applying medium pressure. Your boy will feel great pleasure.

# 4 and what about us?

Let your boy know that at the same time he practices oral sex, play with your nipples and caress them. You will see that you will feel delicious!

# 5 Transmit your enthusiasm

When you practice oral sex with your penis, in addition to maintaining eye contact, a good idea is to make noises (for example moans) as this will drive you crazy.

# 6 do not always want to finish

Many men and women do not want oral sex to be the culmination of sexual intercourse. According to studies and surveys, more than half of men and women also prefer to be part of pre-penetration games.

# 7 uses flavored lubricants

Many companies dedicated to the manufacture of products for sex, have in their ranks some original lubricants with flavors that are hypoallergenic and are perfect to vary a bit things.
Convince your boy to try it on you to have a much more pleasant experience when having sex. Also, they are perfect to use when performing anal sex.
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